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Tim Scott is the lone Black Republican in the U.S. Senate and represents South Carolina. Although Tim loves to  say that he grew up poor with  a single mother, he has actively fought against poor people by co-signing destructive policies. Scott started a useless anti-poverty initiative with Paul Ryan — out of all people. Ryan is the same person who wants to end social security, medicare and medicaid.

Tim Scott is also one of those cowardly Republicans who claims to not like Donald Trump‘s language but votes with him on every issue. In December, Scott even got  a big thank you from your racist president. “He came in and he would solve some problems when we weren’t looking too good a couple of times,” Trump said, looking at Scott. “Thank you, Tim.” This public display of love was all about the horrendous tax bill.

The tax bill has Scott on a bizarre victory tour in South Carolina with Ivanka Trump. Yep, Ivanka — a person who is not a tax expert or economic adviser, she is simply the daughter of a president who has never even shown his taxes. At an event in Greenville, South Carolina, Scott said about Ivanka, “She took a step forward. If you know anything about getting things done in Washington, it takes a strong backbone. Ivanka has a strong and powerful backbone.” Watch a clip below:

If Tim Scott believes the tax bill will help the rich people of South Carolina, then this certainly is a victory. However, considering South Carolina is reportedly one of the poorest states in the country, this tax bill will only hurt people who aren’t as wealthy as Scott and Ivanka. We’ve already seen examples. Bank of America celebrated their tax cut by raising their fees on low-income people. Walmart is relishing in their tax cut by allegedly giving bonuses but simultaneously laying off an estimated 9,450 employees. Not to mention, as we reported, “Economists have predicted that the president’s plan for tax reform will only benefit the wealthiest Americans. With the average Black household earning $43,000, it would appear African-Americans were not taken into consideration at all.” Yeah, and it sounds like Scott didn’t take any consideration into the poor people’s lives he has co-signed to ruin.

Here are responses from  Cory Booker and Kamala Harris to the horrendous tax bill:

From Ben Carson to Tim Scott, these new wave of Black Republicans have lost all moral fiber. Gone are the days of Michael Steele or Colin Powell. We can only assume praise from a racist president means more than helping your own community.


Click here to read NewsOne‘s coverage of what the tax overhaul means to Black Americans.

SOURCE: The Post and Courier


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