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macy-gray-gettyWomen have always had to deal with not getting equal treatment in the work force. Despite having to do the same job as a man, a woman normally gets paid less. The thing is, women do the same jobs as men while dealing with some recurring natural pain in the form of their monthly visitors. Now, there are some women who say they deserve a paid day off once a month for their periods and singer Macy Gray totally agrees.

Gray was caught out and about taking photos with fans when a cameraman walked up and asked her for her thoughts on the proposed “Period Day.” She’s all for it because cramps and bleeding from your privacy isn’t a pleasant experience. Macy Gray makes some valid points in the clip, but we’re not sure if this will actually fly.

What do you think? Should women get one paid day off a month for their periods?


ARTICLE FROM: TheUrbanDaily.com

Article and Video Courtesy of TMZ and The Urban Daily

Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

Macy Gray: Women Need A Paid Day Off To Menstruate [VIDEO]  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com