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Omarosa is still on Celebrity Big Brother and talking about her year-long stint at the White House whenever possible. While talking to her housemates, she said, “I’m thinking of writing a tell-all sometime. He’s going to come after me with everything he has. Like, I’m going up against a kazillionaire. So I’ll probably end up in court for the next … but I have to tell my truth. I’m tired of being muted.” Reportedly, Omarosa wanted $10 million for her tell-all, but no publishers were biting.

The reality star continued, “I have been so loyal to the point where people are like looking at me like something is wrong. She then added,  “Ooh, freedom, I’ve been emancipated. I feel like I just got freed off of a plantation.”

Girl please, slaves on plantations were there by no choice of their own. Omarosa was a willing participant, she enthusiastically joined the Trump administration and even said people would “bow down” to him. Using a false analogy like slavery is completely illogical, as if she went in the hands of Trump blindly. She knew what she was doing, got fired and now she is trying to continue her ridiculous career. Furthermore, Omarosa was paid, via taxpayers, $179,700 for her White House gig. In case she didn’t know, slaves made no money for their backbreaking labor.

Watch the foolishness below:


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Omarosa Compares Willfully Working At The White House To Slavery  was originally published on newsone.com