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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami finds Blue bonding with Scrappy at a boxing gym. Blue is frustrated about his recent fallout with Pleasure P over his business relationship with Shay so he’s letting some steam off. They don’t really box though. They get to gossiping and it turns out that Scrappy had no idea that Shay was ever in a relationship with Pleasure P and that this is why she moved to Miami. But why would he? He broke her heart and she moved on and had no real reason to talk to him. Anyway, messy Blue tells Scrappy to show up to Shay’s upcoming bootcamp. Shay definitely didn’t invite Scrappy intentionally, but Blue thinks it’s a good idea since Scrappy told him they’ve been trying to rekindle their friendship.


Michelle Pooch is shifting gears from promoter to artist tonight and now we’re at her single release event with a few of her close friends including, Simply Jess and Malik. It’s a big night for Pooch, so of course, Prince decides to ruin it. He hires what seemed to be a junkanoo band in drag to interrupt the party just as she’s playing her song. Prince’s logic is that he’s doing this because Pooch has been trying to sabotage him. Pooch confronts him and tells him to get out, but he tries to play it off like he doesn’t know what’s going on. Pooch is pissed and tells Malik that he needs to check his boy. So now, Malik is in the middle and feeling some type of way because he had nothing to do with this and just came out to Prince. His thing is, why would Prince hire “gays for this party because he doesn’t get down like that.”

His words.


Prince says he didn’t even know Malik was going to be there. Yeah, this is stupid.

Now we’re at Shay’s bootcamp. It’s all good until Scrappy comes through. Shay let’s him have it for showing up. Scrappy tries to turn the tables on her because she never mentioned that she was with Pleasure P. Shay reminds him that they hadn’t even been talking so why would he be privy to her business? They get heated, but eventually down enough to really hear each other. It seems like Shay is still in love with Scrappy, but she’s too hurt, and he plays too many games for them to ever really move forward with any kind of romantic relationship.


Now we’re at Bobby Lyte’s single release party. He’s actually talented, and even Trick Daddy cosigns him (and is surprisingly not homophobic). Trina, Joy and Miami Tip show up to support and the fact that Trina is here is a big deal because she doesn’t really like dealing with him since he can be super extra and is always riding her because he feels like she doesn’t do anything to support his career given that they’re cousins. This is Trina’s first time seeing Bobby perform and she’s actually impressed. But it all goes downhill after a podcast personality (Super Cindy), who is present, reveals that Bobby recently did an interview with her where he went in on the whole Trina not supporting him-thing, etc. Trina gets annoyed and confronts Bobby. Their conversation doesn’t go well as they both get heated. This only confirms what Trina always felt, that Bobby doesn’t know how to act, which is why she doesn’t like dealing with him.

Bobby is frustrated about the above chain of events, but then Jeffrey shows up and lifts his spirits. This is Jeffrey’s way to extend an olive branch and let bygones be bygones. Bobby is happy to see him. They then start talking about their fall out and Bobby comes to tears explaining how much he loved Jeffrey. But Jeffrey reminds him that this is his party and he needs to relax and celebrate. It works, but you know who’s not going to be relaxed? Malik when he finds out where Jeffrey was.

As a matter of fact, this is the same night as the Prince incident at Pooch’s party so Malik is already annoyed. It gets worse when Jeffrey shows up at his place after being MIA for a hot second. Malik demands to know where Jeffrey was. Jeffrey reveals that he went to Bobby’s party but it wasn’t that deep. He literally just went to show support and that’s it. Nothing happened. This all flies over Malik’s head and he starts going into full meltdown mode. He starts yelling and screaming about how he put everything on the line to be with Jeffrey, yatta, yatta. This type of behavior is what drove Jeffrey away from Bobby Lytes.

This obviously doesn’t go well and might drive Jeffrey right back to Bobby.


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