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Thursday afternoon, Kevin Hart survived an airplane mishap. The wheels on his private jet exploded.

Boston firefighters rushed to meet the plane on the runway. Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that Hart’s Gulfstream 4 landed and “blew a left main gear tire.”

Hart shared with his 59 million Instagram followers a photo of his squad praying next the plane on the tarmac. (quote) “God is Good with a capital G. Had our first serious airplane scare today. Nobody was harmed. Our pilot handled the situation perfectly. #Blessed”

The runway needed to be cleared of debris. Passengers from a commercial flight described the terror of landing right after Kevin Hart. With smoldering rubber still on the runway, the airline pilot’s last-second evasive maneuver rattled everybody’s nerves. (WBZ-TV, Boston)

Fasho THoughts:

  • Kevin Hart joined New England Patriots owner Robert Kraftand rapper Meek Mill to sit courtside at the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers NBA playoff game.
  • Celtics have won the first two games in the series. It’s payback for the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory.
  • I would much rather fly in a jumbo jet than one of those dinky planes. They seem like Mini-Coopers with wings.
  • Flying is supposedly safer than driving, but it doesn’t always feel that way.
  • Blowing out a car tire at 60 miles per hour is scary. A jet’s landing speed is around 150 miles per hour!


Don Juan Fasho

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