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Last night, in a fit of boredom, Cardi B answered questions on Twitter. The thread focused on her pregnancy cravings from olives to eels.

Some highlights:

  • I like strawberries it’s just they can be a hit or miss. They can really be sour. I make Offset go to the mall sometimes to get me Godiva Bhocolate strawberries. He knows my baby looooooveeeeee them
  • Ask Offset sushi is one of my cravings BUT i only eat one type of sushi ONLY – Eel is cooked .I think you not suppose to eat raw sushi. I don’t like raw sushi but i love raw seafoood but i been staying away with it. Eel you totally can eat.
  • I don’t really like pineapple pizza, Not my thing …I like onions, green and red peppers Or ricotta cheese pizza
  • I over ate salad with ranch as a child …I got sick of it
  • Matter fact …If you put fruits on your salad you eat ASS !!!
  • Gelato is good for like fruit ice cream sorbet mango, Rasberry …I don’t really like gelato Bhocolate i like it to be creamy ice cream
  • I don’t like cold eggs unless is devil eggs
  • I LOOOVEEEEE OLIVES …I actually can eat a whole jar by myself in one day …I like olive stuffed with cheese also ….They sell it in a supermarket round my home in NJ ….Soo good
  • I can eat tomatoes like an apple but on every bite i have to sprinkle salt. My dad put me on to that as a child. Bardi love Tomatoes
  • Hennessy love Bread and syrup I wonder if she still does ?
  • Me and my sister have different tastes buds I must say like …i like Bread and butter and she likes bread and mayonnaise ….
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