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Police in Youngstown, Ohio say a woman whose wallet was stolen went to a bank to change all of her account information when the woman who’d stolen her wallet showed up and tried to use her ID to cash a check.

31-year-old Tareana Butler walked up to a teller at PNC Bank and tried to cash a $400 check using the stolen driver’s license as ID. Little did she know that her victim happened to be at the bank. The teller realized the ID was stolen and alerted the owner of the wallet before calling police.

When Butler realized that she’d been caught, she ran out of the bank and was chased by the other woman, who caught up to her as she tried to jump into a getaway car.

Police arrived and arrested Butler for identity fraud and disorderly conduct. (WKBN-TV) [Special thanks to WNCD Youngstown]

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Wow, what are the odds?
  • Clearly the victim is not a woman to mess with. She didn’t hesitate to go after the thief.
  • I wonder if she even resembled the victim at all. Did she really think no one would notice it’s not her in the picture?
Don Juan Fasho

Source: CS / CS