Woman Claims Breastfeeding Her Husband Helped Her Marriage Marriage is a journey, and according to Rachel and Alexander Bailey, breastfeeding has been a helpful addition to their relationship. Before an interview with Metro, Rachel said she sees “nothing” wrong with breastfeeding her husband. “I actually love the bond, it helps me out, and it finishes […]

#WTFashoCincinnati: Woman Hits Another Woman With A Toilet Seat

#WTFasho Cincinnati: A Woman For Randomly Shooting A Man In Springdale

This story made me say What The Fasho. An Ohio father is accused of shooting his son after he refused to stop playing the guitar. What kind of parent would shoot their kid, I don;t care how mad you get it should never come to a situation where you pull a gun out on your […]

These Cicada’s are taking over Cincinnati causing people to panic like crazy! Cicadas are even causing car wrecks What The Fasho! Via Fox19 According to Cincinnati police. The Cicada’s caused a car crash on River rd. The errant cicada flew in through an open window and hit a driver in the face, police say. The […]

There have been reports of people saying that they have seen Monkeys in Price Hill. Check out this video below from a lady named Sammy. Via FOX19 “There’s not much we can do until we have a confirmed sighting by Cincinnati police,” said David Orban, the zoo’s director for animal science and strategy. Some residents […]

A Florida man mistakes his pregnant wife for an intruder.   via AP: The shooting happened just around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday when the woman’s husband heard a noise outside the bedroom door of their home in Stuart, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told news outlets. The man told detectives he didn’t realize his wife was not […]

A woman on a flight from Miami to Atlanta slapped flight attendant across the face after she was told to wear her mask. via Fox: Another passenger on the plane filmed the incident, which was then uploaded to social media. The altercation occurred on a Delta flight on Monday, Yahoo News reports. A reporter for the BBC, Suzanna […]

I would be superheated after I won the lottery but couldn’t get my prize because the post office lost my ticket. What the Fasho Via Bossip   Her tracking information last showed the ticket in transit on Aug. 12 at a Tallahassee post office, WFLA reported.“ They said, ‘We have not received this ticket. ‘No […]

A 17 year old teen was chocked up by a deputy in Florida. The deputy has now been placed on leave.   via TMZ The teenager, Terrance Devon Reed III, was taken to the hospital after the violent altercation with Sarasota County Deputy Neil Pizzo last week. The surveillance footage shows Reed sitting on a bench with his arms […]

What is the word is wrong with people? This man grabs some hornets with his bare hands and then eats them. What The Fasho!!! Via; LoveBScott He then crushes it in his fist, pulling it off the wall, wincing as the surviving insects presumably sting him several times. He brandishes the seeping mess in his […]

  A mom in St Louis is suing the police department after a violent arrest at Sams Club. After her son tried to return his tv. Via LoveBScott A 68-year-old Missouri mother is suing police after she claims she and her son were “violently arrested” while trying to return a TV they’d bought at Sam’s […]