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Hopping on a speeding freight train without a clue about where it’s going is a sure ticket to jail, as two Ohio men discovered this month.

Christian Hale and Kevin Slone climbed onto the outside of a car as the train slowed down in the town of Willard, but panicked when the engineer hit full speed of 60 miles an hour, and couldn’t figure out how to get off. Hale called 911 as the locomotive chugged down the tracks and asked for help from authorities.

When the dispatcher asked why the pair had pulled the silly stunt, Hale said, “It’s better than walking, but It’s scaring the [crap] out of us.” State police relayed the message to CSX, which stopped the train about 60 miles from the original starting point. Railroad reps are deciding whether to press charges. (WEWS)

Don Juan Fasho

Source: CS / CS