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Drake hired additional security to protect his home in the same gated community where Kanye West lives.

There are two around-the-clock body guards standing at the edge of his drive. They parked an SUV with tinted windows inside the driveway gate to prevent anyone slamming a car onto Drake’s property.

Drake refused to take chances in case their Twitter feud shift to In Real Life. Even though, at the time of Kanye’s chaotic tweet-storm, he was far away in New York City.

Kanye claimed their beef started three years ago. He tweeted (quote) “Since the pool line he’s been tryin’ to poke at me.” Drake bragged about the size of his backyard pool in the song “Summer Sixteen.”  (TMZ)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Drake seems harmless. Kanye seems like he’d likely harm only himself.
  • Drake hired security even when Kanye claimed it was Drake who made the threats. Does any of this make sense?
  • This will all simmer down once Kanye comes off his sugar high.
  • Presumably Kim Kardashian has also protected the children from Kanye until he shows that he’s grounded himself.
  • Christmas at the Kardashians will be fun! Fingers crossed the reality show cameras capture all the crazy.
  • We need to have a serious discussion about mental illness. It’s just that Kanye should not be the represe