Two federal law enforcement officials are alleging that Donald Trump told his long-time lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about plans to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Then-candidate Trump also reportedly told Cohen to go to Russia so he could meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in person to get the ball rolling on negotiations for the proposed Trump Tower project. According to a source, Trump told his lawyer to “make it happen.”

According to sources, Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son Don Jr. were getting regular updates from Cohen about the proposed project, although Trump publicly claimed he had no business in Russia. (BuzzFeed News)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
  • This is more fake news, this time from a site known for publishing memes and listicles.
  • BuzzFeed has become a legitimate news source, with even CNN reporting this breaking news.
  • Trump just wanted to make Trump Tower Moscow great, while he was planning to make America great again.
  • Michael Cohen has gone from fixer to Trump’s worst nightmare.
Don Juan Fasho

Source: CS / CS

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