Usher: See What Usher Had To Say About A Battle With Chris Brown

As you know that Snoop required Death Row Records which comes with owning the rights to some albums like Kurupt and Daz Dillinger. During an interview, Snoop said that he owns the rights to the Chronic also. But According to Dre’s lawyer that is not the case. Here’s what Dr’s lawyer Howard King had to […]

Gun recoveries are up in Cincinnati according to the Police. About 1,300 guns have been collected. Via Fox19 Credit goes in part to the Gun Crimes Task Force, created in early May as the city was experiencing the initial ramp-up in what would quickly become a record-setting year for fatal shootings. The city has seen […]

A West End woman has spoken out about the violence in her community. She said all of the violence and shootings have forced her to move. Via Fox19 Many have had enough, including a woman who says the shootings have forced her to move from her West End apartment. Mable Whatley says she’s living in […]

Two federal law enforcement officials are alleging that Donald Trump told his long-time lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about plans to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow. Then-candidate Trump also reportedly told Cohen to go to Russia so he could meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in person to get the ball rolling on negotiations for the proposed Trump Tower […]

The man made me say What The Fasho. How you gone get made and put your hands on this young lady. I’m not made at her at all for doing what she did! #WTFasho

Aretha Franklin is reportedly gravely ill — and in words that often indicate that death may be near, her family has been gathering at her home, while asking fans for prayers. Now 76, the Queen of Soul announced in 2017 that she planned to stop touring and concentrate on recording another album and look into opening […]