Covington Catholic, the all-male Kentucky high school in the middle of the controversy with the Indigenous Peoples March, has more trouble on its hands. An old video went viral on Monday that showed some students wearing black paint on their faces and bodies and seemingly harassing an African-American player from another team at a basketball game.

The clip has since been removed from YouTube but a screenshot remains on Twitter. Though some have used this as further proof of the racist behavior of the school’s students, others have explained it was part of a “blackout” event were students were supposed to dress in all black. During the video, an on-screen graphic features the words “Blackout 2011.”

The video was posted on the school’s YouTube account in 2012 with the title “Colonel Crazies Compilation Video.” (New York Post)


  • Even if it was a “blackout” event, someone should have told those kids that painting your face black, as in wearing blackface, is racist and offensive.
  • Remember Megyn Kelly got yanked off the air for saying it was OK to wear blackface on Halloween.
  • Don’t be so quick to judge. Sometimes photos and even video, doesn’t tell the entire story.
Don Juan Fasho

Source: CS / CS

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