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In Cleveland, Ohio, a special pet store — called Neighborhood Pets — helps families in need own and care for pets.

Over the past couple years, the family of 11-year-old Tiffany Everhart has relied on the store to help them out, as medical bills were making things difficult to keep up with the care and feeding of their dog, Einstein, and Tiffany’s hamster, Alexander.

Tiffany wanted to pay back the charity group for all their help, so she kept her eyes open all of last year, looking for loose change on the street.

All her hard work paid off, as she was able to deliver a giant plastic bag of more than 400 coins to the front desk — just before the holidays.

Tiffany is grateful for all Neighborhood Pets has done for her family — and hopes her donation will allow another low-income family to have a pet. (The Plain Dealer)

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