President Trump and The Trump Organization are suing House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings to block a subpoena of Trump’s financial records.

The lawsuit, filed today (Monday) in federal court, comes a week after Cummings subpoenaed Trump’s longtime accounting firm, Mazars USA. Cummings said the committee needs to see Trump’s records after his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen claimed the president “altered the estimated value of his assets and liabilities on financial statements.”

The lawsuit claims Cummings is simply trying to dig up dirt on Trump ahead of the 2020 election and accuses the House Oversight committee of “assuming the powers of the Department of Justice, investigating (dubious and partisan) allegations of illegal conduct by private individuals outside of government.” (NBC News)

Hot Takes:

  • Trump’s fighting back against what he calls presidential harassment.
  • Cummings asked Mazars for the records but they wouldn’t release them, which is why they were issued a subpoena.
  • If there’s nothing to hide, then just release the records.
  • This is nuts. What president sues Congress?
Don Juan Fasho

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