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K. Michelle had a “Come to Jesus” moment with a man of God recently.

The singer and reality star was spotted arguing with Thaddeus Matthews, better known as “the Cussing Pastor.” She gave ol’ Thad a taste of his own medicine, cussing him out for sinful behavior like sexually abusing children and accusing him of having a boyfriend on the down low. K. Michelle’s boyfriend, Kastan Sims, was also present, and did his part to try and de-escalate things and keep anyone from doing or saying something they might regret.

Matthews offered his version of events on Instagram, with a caption full of curse words, and a video shot by a restaurant patron. In another video, he threatened to play a tape from a woman who accuses K. Michelle’s man of giving her two types of herpes.

K. Michelle’s grudge against the pastor seems to stem from several negative stories about her he reported on his show.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • K. Michelle recently made headlines for another provocative comment — telling fans in concert she’s the next Taylor Swift and “a black girl that sings better than any white…country singer in Nashville right now.”
  • The pastor says the video was filmed by another customer. Are you buying it, or do you thing he had someone there ready and waiting with a hidden camera?
  • What’s up with the quality of this video? It looks like it was filmed through a potato.
  • Too bad reality TV cameras weren’t rolling.
  • Is this guy trying to land a spot on Love and Hip-Hop — or maybe a reality show of his own?
Don Juan Fasho

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