A slingshot cord snapped while someone was on the ride. This is why I don’t get on any rides that go really high the air.

via NYDN:

Kristy Hurst of Havana, Fla., posted a video of the incident on Facebook.

Local Fox affiliate WTVT spoke with Hurst who told them she and a friend were at the park on Saturday night when they ran into a friend and his brother-in-law visiting from California.

She decided to record because the ride’s video system wasn’t working.

“You’re gonna be screaming like sissies in about 10 seconds,” one of the women said in the video as the cables tightened.

Right as the ride is about to launch, the cable snaps. Hurst laughs as the men on the ride look on with shocked expressions.

The video ends as two attendants start unbuckling the men from the ride.

Hurst told WTVT the park gave the men refunds, but she didn’t “feel like anybody was really apologetic.”

She said she’ll never get on a ride like that again and the guys are “completely freaked out, still.”

Watch the video below. We weren’t ever getting on that ride before — we sure as hell aren’t ever going to do it now. (LOVEBSCOTT)

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