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There’s some backlash over JLo’s & Shakira’s half time Big Game performance… Apparently, the performance was too much for some viewers…  If you ask me people are going to complain whether it’s good or it’s bad.  What are your thoughts???

Via LoveBScott

The Federal Communications Commission received over 1,300 complaints after some viewers of the 15-minute spectacle were offended by the entertainers’ risque choreography, suggestive pole-dancing and barely-there costumes.

“The half time show was very sexual in nature. I have never seen so many sex poses outside porn magazines,” a New York viewer said, noting the “sexy tongue wagging” and extreme “booty shaking.”

The consensus of the objections involve the family-friendly programming of grown men viciously attacking each other for sport being interrupted by an apparently too sensual extravaganza without any warning.

Don Juan Fasho Show Graphic (updated 2/2020)

Source: Staff / Radio One Digital