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Cinderella 1

Last night, I watched one of my favorite movies.  “Cinderella Man,” starring Russell Crowe, is a film based on the life of former boxing champion James Braddock.  It’s the story of an extraordinary comeback by a man that had been counted out.  Braddock had everything going against him–age, health, and finances–and achieved the unthinkable due to purpose and mental fortitude.

My favorite scene from “Cinderella Man” is Lasky vs Braddock. The younger, stronger Lasky broke Braddock’s ribs and followed with a combination that was so powerful it knocked his mouthpiece out. Everybody thought Braddock was finished. At the precise moment he could’ve given up, Braddock had flashbacks of his family in the bread line, past due bill notices and his children having to leave his home because there was no heat. Braddock smiled that sinister smile (see photo below), picked up his mouthpiece and commenced to whoopin’ Lasky’s arse. He knew what he was fighting for and HE MADE A DECISION THAT HE WOULD NOT LOSE.

The million dollar question is, “Do you know what you’re fighting for?”  If so, losing is an impossibility!  Now put up your dukes and start swinging!

Cinderella 2

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