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This is such a beautiful story a little baby couldn’t get treatment on his clubfoot because of the ban on “non-essential” medical procedures and surgeries amid the coronavirus pandemic. That’s when Gov. Dewine stepped in,

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Weston Walter Herbert’s legs are now in casts to correct the deformity he was born with last month, his mother tells us.  “I am so grateful they listened. I appreciate each and every nurse and doctor who is on the front line helping all families with all conditions. It means so much,” wrote Emily Herbert in a Facebook post this week updating her son’s condition.

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Source: Staff / Radio One Digital

The baby’s mother sought DeWine’s help in a letter last week after she could not get the procedure done by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

“The longer we wait the more “delayed” my child may become,” she wrote the governor. “We are more then willing and able to wear masks when completing appointments. Hospitals and doctors offices can schedule patients far enough apart that we won’t be in contact before or after our appointments. Please take into consideration the children who are in need of these “nonessential” surgeries. To the parents these procedures are extremely essential.”