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Geez, Bill. And here we thought you were making progress.

Last week, when FOX News host Bill O’Reilly shockingly agreed that the death of Eric Garner could’ve been prevented, he was giving us a glimpse of a human being with compassion…but he’s since gone back to his usual messy ways. Yesterday when he held a conversation with regular visitor Russell Simmons, he had the audacity to challenge Simmons in saying he wasn’t acknowledging the “astronomical level [of] crime rate among young Black men–violent crime rate–[that] drives suspension and hostility on the part of the police.”

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Say what! So O’Reilly basically concurred that cops operate on stereotypes or in grouping people by association, and that it’s justified? Chile…

Simmons took a deep breath because it was time to school O’Reilly again and here’s a snippet of how he responded: “The way that the police approaches the community is a problem. The police are afraid of the community–that’s true. They require some sensitivity training. That’s the start.”

After that, O’Reilly suddenly wanted to talk about the “Black drug gangs” of America as if New Jack City was just released in theaters and then blatantly accused Simmons again of not doing enough to stop the drug-related violence in U.S. cities like Chicago’s Southside region. Bruh!

This is when the unintentionally funny part came in. Simmons reminded the ignoramus that he has contributed to anti-violence programs in U.S. schools, including Chicago and O’Reilly stated that “education was a different thing.” So ol’ Bill ain’t trying to hear about Blacks getting educated! Let’s focus on the ones that are selling crack!

Who gives O’Reilly his notes for the day anyway? It’s pretty evident that O’Reilly doesn’t intend on letting go of the negative stereotypes or situations that he feels represent the entire Black community. SMH. We’re glad Russell was there to school him.


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