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The first movie of what I’m sure will be a trilogy for the series 50 Shades of Grey premiered worldwide Friday. The movie follows the love story of Anastasia Steele, a senior in college and Christian Grey, a successful business mogul. The two complete opposites, develop a submissive/dominant relationship due to their infatuation with each other. The movie directed by Sam Taylor Johnson is full of beautiful visuals. The settings, characters, and vision of the entire movie are very pleasing.

(**Possible Spoiler Alert) However, despite the beautiful visuals the movie falls flat. The story plot isn’t very entertaining. The only excitement within the entire movie involves their sex sessions. The majority of the 5 to 6 seasons feature whipping, handcuffs, toys, oh and some ice. The hot and steamy seasons may make you squirm but by the end of the movie, you’re used to seeing Dakota Johnson’s private areas.

Dakota is absolutely entertaining and very relatable in the movie. You will fall in love with how goofy and curious her character is. As for Jamie Dornan aka Mr. Grey, he’s a bit strange. The actor does an excellent job in portraying Mr. Grey. However the weird thing he does with his eye distracted me. Also, the way Mr. Grey stalks Ana also freaks me the hell out. However by the end of the movie, you’ll become increasingly curious in his back story. Christian obviously experienced some traumatizing things in his childhood that turned him into the man he is today.


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