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If you thought that Tasha Robinson White’s book about Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was a tell-all about her time working with the champ, you’d be wrong. Think of it more as an empowering book about a woman who saw some difficult things in her working environment and told the truth to save herself. Robinson White’s book Right Hand From The Champ is her story of the world around Mayweather and how she eventually realized she needed to leave it behind.

“I was not even Floyd Mayweather’s assistant,” Robinson White wants the world to know. “I was the CEO of Mayweather Music and the founding president of The Mayweather Foundation,” she says. “Floyd has several assistants right now and their job was a little bit different and I wanted to make sure that everyone listing knew that Tasha was not limited to just being an assistant.”

Well, OK, then. Robinson White worked for Mayweather for 12 years. She says they met at a Billboard Music Awards afterparty that she put together and that he said one day she’d work for him. After about a year of going back and forth jokingly, he made a serious offer. So after 12 years of what seemed to be a good working relationship, why did she leave?

“I outgrew the situation,” she says. “I chose my family and my dignity over the money. There were a lot of things going on in the environment that made the situation more unhealthy for me and my lifestyle. There was a situation that went on. Floyd got duped out of $15 million and I was a witness to it all. The person who introduced him to the actual con man was a guy that approached me first.

When everything kind of spilled out, not Floyd, but his advisors, were trying to deflect. I felt that Floyd should have taken ownership. They didn’t want him to take ownership, although he did try to take ownership, I felt that they were going to try to deflect on me. I wasn’t about to have that. There was life before Floyd and there will be life after Floyd. I had to walk away with my head held high.”

Robinson White says that she was never fearful of retribution from Mayweather and that Mayweather is no threat to her or her future career.

“I told the truth,”  she says. “And when you tell the truth, your Creator has your back. I also talked about the lessons that I learned.”

She says the two are still cordial and that several members of her family just went to see Floyd train. But in the book, Robinson White details the problems working with Mayweather brought her way, including having her bank accounts shut down by the IRS.

“Floyd makes the money but he has another team that works with the IRS. He didn’t know what was going on with that money situation. There are some reasons why I could be angry with Floyd but I’m just not that kind of person. At the end of the day, people make mistakes. I made a mistake. We both made mistakes and we were to grow from those mistakes and move on. Floyd is the best at what he does and I’m the best at what I do.”

Robinson White is currently working on some writing projects and is doing PR in Las Vegas. But is she planning to go to the upcoming Mayweather fight? She’s not sure. But if she does, she says she will likely get her tickets comped by the champ.

If you want to know more, you’ll have to read her book Right Hand To The Champ, which you can buy HERE. 

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