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Who says you can’t celebrate love during a pandemic.

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Make Valentine’s Day fun and stop stressing so hard to be romantic.

 Here’s 15 Valentine’s Day Ideas:

  1. Have a movie night in. Pop some pop-corn, pour your drinks, and bring snacks to the TV set.
  2. Go for a Bike Ride – It’s so peaceful to ride at night.
  3. Take a virtual class. Cocktail and cooking classes can be fun and you can enjoy a new meal together.
  4. Attend a Comedy Show- The Funny Bone always have hilarious entertainment. However, you can always stream a comedy show from your favorite platform.
  5. Breakfast in bed – Kick off the day in love. Nothing says I love you like heart waffles and strawberries with whip cream.
  6. Enjoy a Couples Massage – A Great way to relax and enjoy each other.
  7. Have a cook off – You cook a dish, your partner cooks a dish and you both score each other. Loser makes desert.
  8. Game Night-  Put on some cozy Pj’s , grab some snacks, and bubbly and enjoy trivia , board games or pull out your video game system.
  9. Go on a hike or hit the gym. Grab your hiking boots and warm winter coat hit your favorite trial.
  10. Attend a painting class. This is a creative and fun way to bond.
  11. Mini- getaway  Book a place that have amenities and activities you and your partner will enjoy.
  12. Visit a Local Museum. This is a great way to strike conversation
  13. Hit the Ice. Step out of your comfort zone. Go ice skating or try bumper cars on ice.
  14. Go camping. This can be done in the backyard or you can go to a camping site. Pack the hot chocolate and marshmallows for smores and hang out in front of the fire pit.
  15. Dinner has always been a winner. Make reservations now.

More Valentines Day ideas HERE.

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