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The season two finale of Power, though…son. The writers were not playing with us this season, and definitely kept us on edge with the many plot twists, and generally not know who to trust.

If you haven’t seen it and do not wish to know what happened, then do not read any further!

Ghost in The Machine

The episode opens with an assassin dressed in all black like the omen (sorry, couldn’t resist) killing Drifty, one of Ghosts distributors. The killer leaves a “La Arana” tarot card on his back. In fact, these killings happen frequently throughout the episode. Someone is knocking off Tommy and Ghost’s distributors, and it’s not hard to believe that Tommy and Ghost might be next. 

Breakfast Time

Tommy and Tasha bond over breakfast for a brief moment. Tommy tells Tasha about the dumbfounded look on Angela’s face after his lawyer mentioned the feds’ evidence faux pas, and says that he believes it’s over between Angela and James for real, for real. By the look on Tasha’s face, you can tell she starts to wonder if she and James may actually have hope for reconciliation.

Tasha later stops by James’ hotel room to see if things are over between he and Angela. James asks her if things are over between she and Shawn. Checkmate! He then tells her that he sent Shawn away (so he thinks), and that Shawn will probably send for her when he gets set up, but at the same time, she knows dang well that she’s not about to walk away from the good life to live on a high school basketball coach’s salary. Ouch. 

Dre Confronts Kanan

Dre questions Kanan about killing his own son, and Kanan hems him up real quick. Dre, in an act of self-preservation, tells Kanan that he won’t tell anyone about this secret, and that the body will never be found, but c’mon son! We know what’s up. 

Ghost’s New Plot

Later on Ghost tells Tommy about Shawn’s attempt to kill him under Kanan’s orders. They hash a new plan for Tommy to pretend to still be in good with Kanan by pretending that Ghost tried to set him up to go to jail.

Speaking of plots, in James’ legit world, we discover that the ledgers at Truth got stolen. Of course we know James is behind this. However, Stern, still cocky, tells James that he has no way to prove that he reached his intended 20% profit margin to get his club back. Tuh! We’ll see. 

Angela Blows Up Greg’s Spot Like An Army Grenade

Angela gets fired from the Feds, but not before she snitches on Greg too. She gets Greg fired for stalking her because he is a lover scorned (the feds come to the conclusion that he is an unstable jealous ex-boyfriend), but also because she’s still trying to protect Ghost. She is conflicted about her feelings for James knowing who he really is, the job she was charged with, and her loyalty to him since they come from the same ‘hood. In the end, her love and loyalty win. This move is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid of Angela, depending on who you ask.

More Hits On These Streets

As the episode progresses, The Serbs get hit, and in this scene, we watch as the arana assassin take the main Serbs’ cellphone. Mike and the Feds attempt to make a deal with Lobos after showing them the dead bodies piling up, believing that Lobos is next. Lobos, the genius that he is on the low, continues playing the ‘No comprende role’ even though he went to one of the top business schools in the country.

By this point, Tommy is in good with Kanan, who now believes that Ghost tried set him up too. However, Tommy is still unsure of Ghost’s intentions. Up until recently, he believes that Ghost killed Pink Sneakers, but Kanan said otherwise. Ghost comes clean about the fact that he didn’t kill her. He only stumbled across her just after one of Kanan’s men got to her, which make Tommy more suspicious. But then Ghosts flips the script by asking him why he didn’t mention that Holly talked to the Feds. Touche.

They both seem back on an eye-to-eye basis, but in this game, there’s always a hidden hand. 

James Wins For Now

Sterns wife reveals that Stern has been embezzling money and keeping two sets of books. Stern tries to deny it, of course, but voila, the “stolen” ledgers appear, and Stern’s wife comes out large! As a result of the assistance she got from James, she sells him Truth back plus two additional clubs for being so generous. Stern confronts James realizing what went down, and tells him this isn’t over. But for now that privileged summamabish gotta eat that L soup!

James later chases down Angela to try to win her back, and she is livid because he ruined her career. She goes on this spiel about how her salary supports her entire family, and now they’re going to be in the line at the soup kitchen. Whatever. We still don’t feel bad for her, but James does.

The Ratchet Redhead Returns

You didn’t think Holly was gone for good, did you? Even with tons of cash, a fake new identity, and a threat from Ghost, she still just couldn’t keep herself away from Tommy. She pops back up again and tells Tommy that it was Ghost who forced her away, and even showed him the money and fake ID. Tommy, still not smart enough to leave her alone, and to see why Ghost did what he did, welcomes her back with open arms. He is also livid that Ghost lied to him, just after he was starting to trust his boy again.

Dre’s New Allegiance?

Dre goes to Truth and tells Ghost about Kanan killing Shawn. He tells Ghost that he wants to work with him, but we’re still not sure if Dre is serious about this or if this is just a ruse. Is Dre really loyal to Ghost, or is he still in kahootz with Kanan?

Angela May At Least Keep Her License

Angie’s job as a fed is over, but she may get to keep her license to practice law after Isabel Ruiz doesn’t show up to testify. It is here that we discover that the entire Ruiz family has left town. Coincidence? We think not.

Lobos Out…or Nah

Lobos gets stabbed in jail. This “La Arana” assassin plays no games, but they did get a little sloppy here because Lobos ain’t dead and UOENO.

Kanan and Ghost Show Down

Kanan goes looking for Tommy, but Ghost shows up instead. The two get into a fierce fight. This could go either way, but then Ghost gets the upper hand. He stabs Kanan, and leaves him to bleed out, but not before setting their surroundings (a warehouse) on fire. This is also sloppy because Ghost should have made sure Kanan was dead before setting the fire.

Tommy confronts Ghost about sending Holly away, setting Kanan up and cheating on his wife. Ghost informs him that this was all necessary evil, and that he is still to be trusted, he also reveals that he killed Drifty, Lobos, the Serbs, and sent Ruiz away. This does nothing for Tommy’s trust and they both pull guns out on each other. Dre shows up to back Ghost, and clearly we realize Tommy and Ghost are no longer brothers.

James and Angela are Back On

Angela confronts James about how the hell he has been able to survive the life this long. They talk, hash things out a bit, and he tells her that Ghost is gone because he’s going full legit.

Later on, Greg purposely bumps into Angela in the basement of her building because he’s back stalking her, and promises that he is going to bring James aka Ghost down.

Tasha’s Loss

Tasha is called down to the morgue to identify Shawn’s body. Mind you, Dre was supposed to have chopped Shawn up and put him where he can’t be found, so we have some questions about this. Anyway, Tasha is devastated and believes that Ghost is the one who killed him.

Can Tasha please catch a break next season?

Los Lobos No Esta Muerto

Lobos is laid up in the hospital, because he refuses to die. Those were just flesh wounds to a gangsta like him!

Anyway, Mike the fed comes in and gives him a phone. We realize now that Mike is the fed informant that Lobos alluded to a few episodes back.

Lobos gets Tommy on the phone and tells him that he wants him to be his new distributor. Tommy is with it at first, but then Lobos drops the bomb. In order for this deal to go through, Tommy has to kill Ghost or Lobos will kill Tommy, Holly and their little dog too.

And then…

We discover that Kanan isn’t dead. He broke outta that sucka fast and furiously.

Until we meet again for season 3…


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