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Rick Ross tell us how he saves a lot of money by cutting his own grass and flying commercial

via: Uproxx

Rick Ross is well-known for his luxury lifestyle raps and his big-money boasts, but as it turns out, he has a very responsible outlook toward spending and saving his money, sharing some of his cost-cutting, money-making hacks with Forbes magazine in a new interview. For one thing, all of his investments are in stable markets like real estate, thanks to some advice from his hard-working mom.

“When I became a young millionaire for the first time, I went to my mother because she had always been a registered nurse and worked two and three jobs,” he recalls. “She always bought real estate. She came from Clarksdale, where the real estate was a lot cheaper. She would just keep buying houses. And I would say, ‘Mom, what do you think about the stock market?’ And she would say, ‘Son, I don’t really rock with the stock market. I don’t know much about it, but I know about real estate . . . So when you buy something, make sure you can touch it.’” (LoveBScott)

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