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A teen shoots his father during an argument in Forest Park. This is a sad story. Let us pray for all of the parties involved. We know violence isn’t the way. Officers responded just after midnight to Holgate Drive. A 17-year-old girl inside the home called 911 and reported her younger teen stepbrother shot his […]

Bobby Brown had to get something off his chest. He has revealed that he was sexually molested by a priest as a child. During an interview teasing his forthcoming A&E episode of Biography.  Bobby said: “When my mother was arrested, I was sent to temporary custody by social services which was supposed to be a […]

A man tried to run over his girlfriend in the Tri-State after a Facebook argument. Police say the man rushed the curb and tried to run over his girl. This is definitely a What The Fasho moment. Court documents claim the argument started over Rush looking at other women on Facebook. The argument allegedly spilled […]

Randy Jackson has opened up on how has maintained his weight after having weight loss surgery. In the latest issue of PEOPLE, the TV veteran — who’s currently the band leader on Fox’s hit musical game show Name That Tune — opens up about his health journey and relationship with food over the years. “It’s […]

Master P opens up about his 9 kids and says that each one has to work hard for what they have… He does not believe that his kids got a head start because he’s wealthy.   “You can’t blame their life because I started to do right. I don’t want to hear that head start […]