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Is it time for Kim Fields to hand in her peach?


When Kim Fields proposed the idea of a “beatless brunch,” on a recent episode of RHOA, I thought she was being shady as fawk. In case you missed it (or opted to forgo this NeNe-less season of RHOA), cast newcomer Kim sought to remind her co-stars of their natural beauty by requesting they show up to her lunch date with bare faces.

I’m calling bullsh*t. We’d agree with Kim, if she didn’t come across as a low-key hatercondescending. This may be my unpopular opinion, but I’m over Kim’s I’m better than you so I bring Trail Mix on a girl’s trip then leave early because I miss my husband and children shtick. It’s boring and as much as I love Régine, Kim brings nothing to RHOA and it’s actually distracting me from the ratchet goodness that I tune in for every Sunday night.

At first, Kim presented a mature voice of reasoning, but now it’s just the same old tiyad “holier than thou” act. It’s women shaming is what it is. Aha! I’ve figured it out.

On last night’s episode, Kim and Kenya’s strained friendship reached a breaking point when Kenya threw a hissy fit about Kim being chosen to produce and direct Cynthia’s “mercial.” I rarely side with Kenya and this time is no different. Kenya was over-the-top per usual and Kim was right to “disengage” when she did, but then got back to her room and went on an awkward rant that involved her covering her mouth after she cursed. Ma’am, how old are you? I placed her a** right at the kiddie table with Kenya at that point.

Did we mention she brought her children on an adult trip? In the words of Phaedra, “If you can bring your sitter here, why can’t your sitter be at home?”

And sure, the peaches of RHOA aren’t so sweet. Kenya Moore is legit cray. Porsha is a ratchet and Phaedra is the Southern belle of shade. All together, they’re a catty group of frenemies with Prada bags, but here’s the thing — that’s why we watch.

As a woman who is dynamic enough to be shamelessely ratchet at times and shady when necessary, I shouldn’t feel judged while watching RHOA.

Anyway, I know Kim is a mother and I respect how much she respects respect, but she gots ta go. RHOA is not a good fit for her.


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