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Tisha Campbell Martin just proved that it’s never too late to live out your pop singer dreams. On Thursday, the 47-year-old actress dropped the video for “Lazy Bitch (This Aint Gina)” an uptempo track about an envious co-star she once worked with.

Campbell Martin explains the song in a short clip saying, “She was a newbie.” Adding, “She was feeling really uncomfortable about the way people treated me, as oppose to the way they treated her.” Campbell Martin goes on to note that she was asked to accommodate the actress and did so, but wanted to make it clear that her jovial demeanor doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard.

In the almost three minute music video —which currently has 280k views— the singer goes from recording a different song in the booth to stepping into the studio and jamming out to the single. “You out of order, this ain’t Gina bitch, that’s a rookie ass move, so respect the order,” she raps. “You stand on my shoulder, let me tell you daughter, real fame costs but you can’t afford it.”

While the song is certainly no Nicki Minaj track, fans seem to really like the concept, beat and appearance from Tasha Smith.

Last September the mother-of-two released a video for her single “Steel Here” where she sings about her resiliency. What appears to be a mix of Beyoncé’s “Mine” and “Ghost” videos, Campbell Martin serves her best fallen angel.

In all realness, the actress has a career that spans over two decades. She has two great kids and a loving husband. She’s a survivor of sexual assault. And in 2011 she revealed that she’d be dealing with sarcoidosis, a lung disease, for ten years.

So if she wants to drop music videos and have some fun, we’re not mad at it.

Watch and enjoy for yourself in the video at the top.


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