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Gogo Morrow

Source: Courtesy of Universal Music Group / Courtesy of Universal Music Group

You may have seen GoGo Morrow, the blue-haired doll, performing her debut single “In The Way” at the BET Awards recently or serving up backup vocals for Lady Gaga, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir. But the real tea is that she is an artist you need to add to your playlist right now. 

The multi-talented artist was discovered on YouTube, and before she knew it, she was rocking out stages at the Made in America Festival, The Roots Picnic, and even headlining the Red Bull Sound Select concert. GoGo’s star-studded resume also includes being the supporting act for Danity Kane and Marsha Ambrosius. Not to mention selling out The Theater of Living Arts in her hometown, participating in HBO’s Monster Ball Concert Special with Lady Gaga, and pulling up to The James Corden show with Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir.

Need more proof that she’s THAT GIRL? Ahead, check out the five things we learned about the R&B Superstar GoGo Morrow when we sat down with her for an exclusive interview.

GoGo Morrow is a singer-songwriter and performer who reigns from Philly.

Music has been running all up and through her veins since she was born. As a youngin, her dad, who shared a love for music, would incentivize her to learn aspects of musical training, often doing a “call and response” or “repeat after me” for a $2 allowance. Soon after, she had no choice but to attend the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Philadelphia to refine her talents. She eventually received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Business and Performance from Millersville University.

GoGo Morrow defines her sound as conversational, passionate and fun.

“I write very conversationally. Most of the things I sing about are things that I’ve gone through or things that one of my friends has gone through. I’m always like, how can I make this as relatable and as conversational as possible?” GoGo chose “passionate” because she wants people to feel something when they hear her songs or hear her sing. She says, “I pride myself on that because I feel like that’s a feeling that is missing in a lot of different artists’ music today.” The last word was “fun” because while the subject is not always happy, her visuals and how she expresses herself is always gonna be something interesting for people to see.

Her new single I.O.U is a little scandalous.

Gogo Morrow

Source: Courtesy of Universal Music Group / Courtesy of Universal Music Group

Based on a true story, the single was produced by Harmony “H-Money” Samuels, the mastermind behind artists like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Ella Mai, and more. The late Sebastian Sdaigui directed the music video. GoGo describes the record as a depiction of leaving one love and quickly moving on to the next without truly addressing those lingering feelings. “Before I cross this line and I really get all involved in this relationship, are you sure because I still got, you still got an I.O.U left. It’s just an opportunity to either get closure or try to work it out.” We have all been there, so this is a guaranteed bop. For this songwriter, she was proud of her ability to be vulnerable. “I consider myself a good girl, but sometimes we don’t always make the best decisions, and we’re human. I honored my vulnerability and allowed myself to not be a good girl for once and really, really connected what I was feeling and actually express it and put my pride aside and express how I was feeling,” GoGo says.

Creator of “Grown-ish”, “Black-ish” and #BlackAF, Kenya Barris, partnered with Harmony “H-Money” Samuels to sign GoGo to his label, Khalabo Music, a joint venture music label with Interscope Records.

Gogo Morrow

Source: Jerritt Clark / Jerritt Clark

According to Vice Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Steve Berman, “At Interscope, we are interested in teaming up with creators who move culture, and Kenya has created a body of work that is virtually unparalleled in that regard.” Having GoGo on the roster is definitely moving in that direction because she gives main character energy effortlessly.

GoGo has such a deep passion for little Black girls because she knows what it means to find your voice and your way in this world.

The artist says, “It’s really hard for us and especially with social media. I can’t imagine how it is being a teenager at this time right now. As an adult, my self-esteem gets attacked on a daily basis. I just want to pour into little Black girls and just tell them how perfect and how beautiful and how much they offer the world and how they are enough, just how they are and how we don’t have to try to live up to a certain standard or whatever society is deeming as beautiful or as acceptable.” She continued, “We are enough as we are, and that would be my message to little Black girls. You’re enough. You’re beautiful. You are beautiful. And don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise.”

Stream her latest single, I.O.U. out today on all major platforms and follow her on Instagram @gogomorrow to stay in the know about her EP dropping soon!


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