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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: wedding season!

We all know the bride wants to be the most beautiful girl in the world on her special day. If you’re the bride-to-be, you’ve got the perfect dress you’ve dieted long and hard to fit into, along with the hottest heels. (Your feet are going to be killing you by the end of the night, but who cares, because your new husband can give you a foot rub.) Last but not least, we can’t forget about getting you all glammed-up with hair and makeup.

Weddings have evolved so much throughout the years and lots of couples are taking the decorating into their own hands. The same goes for hair and makeup. So many women are way more experienced with styling their own hair and painting their own face on a daily basis, that now they are even doing it for their big day. So it’s only right that I show my beauties some easy yet elegant styles you can do yourself for your wedding day.

Updos are a classic hairstyle, and what better occasion to rock it than your wedding? This updo has a lot of detail in the back, while keeping it simple and sexy in the front. I always recommend updos for my clients who may sweat a lot or have hair that doesn’t hold a curl well. This allows you to have a style that will stay in place and slay all night long.

All you need for this look is a flat-iron, a tail comb, hairspray, bobby and hair pins, and an elastic band (preferably clear). Now, let’s get started!

Make an ear-to-ear part and clip off the back section. With the front half of your hair, you are going to make an L-shaped part and clip this section off for later. Take the rest of the hair in the front and smooth it into a sleek ponytail on the top of your head. Smooth the hair in the ponytail with your flat-iron and put a light curl on the ends of the hair.

Wedding Hair On A Budget

Now you are going to work on the design in the back. This is simple to do, but the final look will be an intricate updo fit for the most beautiful bride. Start by parting your hair from the outskirts by your right ear, going in a slight diagonal line towards the ponytail. Sections should be about half an inch thick. Smooth the section of hair with a flat-iron (putting a light curl in the ends of the hair) and a little bit of holding spray. Pull hair tightly towards the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat this on your left side to create an overlapping crisscross formation.

Wedding Hair On A Budget

Continue this pattern until all the hair in the back has been pulled up towards the ponytail.

Wedding Hair On A Budget

Now all the hair is at the top of the head by your ponytail. Next you are going to take the pinned-up hair on the left-hand side and loosely roll it in towards the ponytail as if you are making a loose bun. Secure ends with a hairpin.

Wedding Hair On A Budget

Next, take the pinned-up hair on the right side and repeat the same loose twist in the opposite direction.

Wedding Hair On A Budget

Lastly, take your front piece that has been clipped off and smooth it with your flat-iron. Loosely twist the ends of your hair towards the back of the head and up into the bun you created. This should create an elegant side-swoop effect. Smooth and tuck any stray pieces with hairspray and the tail-end of your tail comb. Make sure all ends are secured with hairpins and there are no visible gaps in the twisted bun. Finish off by spraying the entire style with hairspray to lock this look in place. If you really want to shine bright on your wedding day, add a hair accessory to give your look even more style.

Wedding Hair On A Budget

Now you have a classy updo with a modern twist and intricate design that will make your groom and guests marvel over your wonderful DIY wedding-day hair.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday to learn another great DIY wedding hairstyle tip.

Also, don’t forget to tag me @AliciaFajardoHair and @HBSoBeautiful in your pictures on Instagram so we can see how you beauties rock this look.

PHOTO CREDIT: HelloBeautiful, Getty


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