This is just sad that something like this is still happening in 2020. This student should be allowed to wear his hair the way he wants. How do you feel about this? Should he have to cut his hair in order to graduate? Mother Sandy Arnold says her son Deandre Arnold has always been a […]

Cincinnati council voted to end hair discrimination by the vote of 7 to 1 which makes it illegal to discriminate against people with natural hair. This is a step in the right direction. Via USATODAY Under the proposal, it would be against the law to discriminate against natural hair and natural hairstyles associated with race. […]

Police in Youngstown, Ohio responded to a situation between two roommates that got a little hairy. When officers arrived at the house earlier this week, they found one man bleeding from a stab wound. The victim explained that he and his roommate had gotten into an argument over hair left in the shower, and his […]

Cincinnati This makes me sad to hear a story like this… A group of local students who have been teased at school because of their natural hair are now coming together to send a message that their hair doesn’t need fixing, but views of beauty do. Three girls have come together to in a video […]

This story made me say What The Fasho. A 37-year-old lady left her child in the car with the window cracked while she got her hair done. Wow I can’t believe this I have kids of my own and I make sure I take them out of the car everytime I get out. Police say Jaimyce […]

K. Michelle is never one to bite her tongue — especially when it comes to someone trying to bite her swag. Over the weekend , the singer was in petty mode after Kylie Jenner debuted her new hairstyle that people are calling “highlighter” hair at a Coachella party. The only problem with Kylie’s new bright […]

President Trump’s physician is admitting he uses medicine for his hair! Dr. Harold Bornstein reportedly told the “New York Times,” Donald Trump uses a prostate-related drug, to help his hair grow. The doctor said, Mr. Trump takes a small dose of the drug, which lowers PSA levels and is also marketed as a way to […]

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