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Lingerie, liquor, and lies; the three L’s of tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta made for an explosive episode as Nene hosted a pajama party. But before all the hotel head bashing took place though I’d be remiss not to mention our favorite former housewife Dwight showing up looking ever as waxy and taunt as we remember. Helping orchestrate another fabulous over the top soiree for Phaedra’s son Dylan, affectionately known as Mr. President. Together they threw a party with a White House theme complete with secret service, a brass band, and an almost flash mob. That was the calm before the storm, God bless you little Dylan but even you couldn’t save your mother and father from what was coming to them later.

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Phaedra and Dwight

Let me pose a question which I believe I know the answer to, would you feel comfortable attending a party where the host is parading around in lingerie and the rest of the guests are scantily clad, with your significant other? Would you be okay with answering probing questions that would air the inner workings of your relationship? I’ll be the first to answer: maybe in the company of a few people, but probably not.

Yet, that is exactly what happened in last night’s episode when Nene decided to throw a “pillow talk pajama party” where she hoped the group could discuss relationships and offer advice to one another. Uhh…Lanethia, you’re my girl and everything but this was the stupidest idea you ever did have. Not only were there people in the room who had previously slept together but the gathering brought together women who have so much beef they could host a BBQ and feed a cool 5,000. The guests were barely dressed and questions weren’t leaving much covered up either, Nene was starting a fire even she couldn’t handle.

Nene Lingerie Party

It all began with the question, “Do you prefer your lover passive or aggressive?” and continued to get increasingly more personal as the night wore on. Questions like, “would you mind if your spouse was bi-sexual?”, “how comfortable are you being in a room with someone else your significant other slept with?” (welp too late, for some of them!) and “are you okay with your man looking at other women?” were asked and it definitely caused some eyebrows to be raised and defenses to rise.

There is no way any of these questions could have been asked in the first place if all of these people kept their personal business, well, personal. Instead they air all of their dirty laundry making it possible for events like this occur.  That leads me to something I believe is essential in relationships: discretion. I’m not sure how these ladies didn’t anticipate a fight coming a mile away.

Peter on Strip CLubs

The question about spouses going to the strip club arose and Christopher Williams’ greasy wife decided to mention what Kenya said to her about their marriage not being legitimate. Once again people chose not to let their relationships be personal and because of some over sharing Mr. Williams got caught up and then wanted to defend his honor and his woman’s. Too late pal!

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In the midst of his confronting Kenya everything went awry when he reached to pull Kenya away as she approached his wife. Kenya’s friend Brandon – in his red light special regalia — jumped quickly to her defense. After that it was just a Peanut’s style cloud of expletives and men swinging. Apollo jumped in choking Brandon, Peter stepped up to push Christopher back, women were screaming it was all truly a hot mess.

Brandon Defends Kenya

In the aftermath of the fisticuffs we were left seeing Apollo shirtless, Kenya searching for a friend who was right in the room she left, and Nene chasing Kenya to place all the blame on her.

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In the end the lesson we learned from these southern belles was lingerie should be saved for bedrooms and what works for you and your man, should stay between the two of you.Natalie can stop worrying about Todd, Kenya can stay out of Natalie and Chris’ union, and Kandi should turn the other way if she’s sees Peter at the shake joint.

Nene Yells At kenya

The culmination of the brawl airs next week, let’s tune in and watch what happens.  In the meantime, feel free to chat away with me on all this and more on Twitter: @Hautemommie.


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