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The more logical expection for the repeal would be moving “smaller pieces of legislation” instead of a complete overhaul at once.


WASHINGTON, D.C.– The House of Representatives began the process of dismantling the Affordable Care Act on Friday, approving a budget resolution on a mostly party line vote.

The vote was 227-198.

The Senate passed the measure earlier this week. It allows Republicans on Capitol Hill to use a process known as “budget reconciliation” to roll back major parts of the health care law. Top Republican leaders are also saying they plan to move to replace Obamacare along the same track, but they are still struggling to come up with the details on how it will work.

Only nine Republicans crossed the aisle to side with Democrats against the measure: Reps. Justin Amash, Charlie Dent, Brian Fitzpatrick, Walter Jones, John Katko, Raul Labrador, Tom MacArthur, Thomas Massie and Tom McClintock, No Democrats voted for the resolution.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Republicans were now sending in a “rescue mission” to fix the massive healthcare law.

“I can’t help but think back to when we were debating this law in 2010. As a member of the minority, I stood right here and pleaded with the majority not to do it. Don’t take something as personal as health care and subject it to this big government experiment. Don’t do something so arrogant and so contrary to our founding principles,” Ryan said in a rare floor speech. “My colleagues, this experiment has failed. This law is collapsing as we speak. And we have to step in before things get even worse. This is nothing short of a rescue mission.”

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — who led the passage of the law in 2009 and 2010 when Democrats controlled the House — accused Republicans of attempting to “cut and run” on people with health insurance and argued that Republicans would end up cutting Medicare benefits as well.

“The Republican replacement plan is cut and run: cut benefits, cut investments and hospitals that care for our people, cut jobs. It’s with no positive upside to it,” Pelosi said. ‘We are not going to identify ourselves with cut and run, cutting benefits, cutting of those covered and cutting the savings that we have there.”

By using the budget process, Republicans are taking advantage of the same process which Democrats used seven years ago to pass the law — using a special budgeting rule that allows them to skirt a filibuster in the Senate.

But that strategy only works for fiscal measures in the healthcare law — like tax credits — and leaves untouched some of the more popular slices of the law, like allowing children to stay on their parents’ plans until they are 26.

The vote will clear the decks for Republicans to begin working on a repeal of the law — but the larger debate has engulfed the Capitol over how and when Republicans would replace the law.



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