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We’ve heard of this type of thing happening. Persons claiming to have a deadly disease, creating a GoFundMe account and getting over. Sadly a few fell for an Indiana woman’s lies and actually gave her money to assist her with treatment, bills, etc. Apparently the police found that Santana Banta was not ill at all […]

Round of applause to Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks and Empire’s Gabourey Sidibe! Everyone knows social media can imitate the devil! These voluptuous woman did the unthinkable as they took on trolls who shared rude posts regarding their size. Have you head about the new ad campaign for Lane Bryant? They all deserve the world after […]

November 8th is Election Day! You’ve listened to the debates, you’ve heard the rederick. Now its time to exercise your right to vote. Click here to receive 9Reasons Why Your Vote Counts. Voting is your right! Exercise it wisely! #StayWoke Your Thoughts? Jade West “Always On a Musical Quest” On-Air Personality/Producer/Public Affairs Host of “Community […]

So who knew wearing your favorite jersey to work on “Jersey Day” would get you the day off? Elijah Scott, 16 was sent home for participating in a fun themed day at work in which staff was asked to wear their favorite team jersey. He found out very quickly many weren’t too fond of his. […]

Local judge wanted to send a message while handing down his sentence to Theresa Hawkins- Stephens. The mother of two is being accused of beating both of her children, who were only 5 and 6yrs old. According to WLWT.com the two boys were tied up and beaten over the course of a 22hour period for […]

New Edition wrapped up the Cincinnati Music Festival in July and everybody is still talking about their performance! The fellas gave us a dose of what real R&B music is! Ever since fans have been anxiously awaiting to see what’s next for the group. Many would swear on the good book the CMF was indeed “Epic!” And […]

There has been speculations that Donald Trump’s been rocking a wig or plugs. At some point while watching and listening to one of Trump’s rants over the years you may have wondered is it true. But if given the chance you probably imagined you would somehow someway, one day check for mere certainty! Jimmy Fallon […]

After several local ITT Tech schools have closed indefinitely, former students were at a loss. Great news! Help is available for students in order to continue their education. Kudos to Cincinnati State! Click here to get the complete story.  Your Thoughts? Jade West “Always On a Musical Quest” On-Air Personality/Producer/Public Affairs Host of “Community Conversations” […]

John Legend has taken a break from daddy duty to set the stage on fire. LL Cool J hosts the Lip Sync Battle: All stars show with Legends wife, Chrissy Teigen and it was no joke just a whole lot of wigs, music and dancing. Chrissy’s husband did his best “Andre 3000” and lip synced […]

Several hundreds of kids were able to learn from the pros during “Character Camp” at Paul Brown Stadium today. This event put on by the Anthony Munoz Foundation and others, taught about 400 children more than just the game of football from the Bengals. According to Anthony Munoz the kiddos were taught Team Building, Character […]

He’s been off the scene for a while but he’s back with a vengeance! Eddie Murphy who’s starring in the drama, Mr. Church alongside Britt Robertson due in theaters this weekend is making his rounds. While on the Jimmy Kimmel show Eddie Murphy recalls a visit from fellow comedian and friend, Tracy Morgan. His impersonation is spot […]

Jaleel Smith- Riley has been in jail since 2013. He’s accused of taking the lives of Porshia Brooks along with her boyfriend, Aron Martin in a robbery gone wrong. He has since plead guilty to the slayings. But in court today Jaleel has changed his tune leaving family members of both families puzzled and ultimately […]