Community Conversations

Hamilton County Commissioners and community partners announce Small Business Relief Grant that will help small businesses recover from the pandemic. Learn more about the 513 relief grant and bus in exclusive interview with Hamilton County Commissioner Alicia Reece: The deadline to apply is Midnight today! Catch me live Sunday 11-3pm, Friday 7pm – 9pm on […]

Adam Delane owner of Give Me Face photography will host Cincy Street Meet on Sunday in lower Price Hill. Cincy Street Meet is an annual event that gives creatives a space to network and create. The Street Meet attracts creatives from all over the United States. Learn more about what you can expect from this […]

If you missed Community Conversations this week, you missed an important conversation with Mark Lawson President and CEO of Hamilton County Community Action Agency.   If anyone who lives in Hamilton County needs help with rent, mortgage, water bill, heat, electricity, etc. CAA has $4M to distribute by 12/30/20, they’re asking applications be sent in […]

Evanglist Ron Brooks joined me to talk about his efforts to help people get on the right track. Impact Change Now is a non profit organization committed to assist people on their journey to live successful in society. Ron Brooks is a convicted felon but he has turned his life around and wants to help […]

With CPS Election around the corner I though it would be perfect to bring it the superintendent Laura Mitchell to discuss the new vision for CPS. She shared the new 20/20 vision, the district greatest accomplishments and talked about what the levy means. Ms. Ebony J Wynn “The Host That Does The Most” Check me out […]

“ A lot of women have a hard time opening up to other women. They have been betrayed or let down by female friends, felt like a friend or family wasn’t there to support them, or are trying to step outside of their comfort zone and engage in new, positive friendships with women.” says Shannon […]

Do you know your worth? If someone came up to you and offered you a million dollars – would that be enough for you. Michelle Henderson joined me on Community Conversations to talk about a powerful week her church has coming up. The Know Your Worth Conference is an annual event that helps women in […]

When you shop at you local Goodwill store, you not only get great products at a great price but you benefit veterans and people with development disabilities. Michael Flannery stopped by the station to share shopping tips, to give us insight on the impact of the good and to let us know when we can expect […]

Senovia Byndon , host of I.H.U (I HEAR You) WAIF is committed to bringing awareness to Domestic Violence. Saturday morning Kings and Queens will meet at Bond Hill recreation center to prepare for the Solidary Walk. This walk is done every year to raise awareness to domestic violence that happens all year long. Check out […]

Vasikana Project is a non-profit organization aimed at empowering girls by providing puberty education and safe, dignified ways for young girls to manage their periods. Zvisinei Dzepasi joined me on Community Conversations to talk about the Vasikana Project and her journal “I Call On You Sis.” Proceeds from the journal go to the publication of […]

Domestic Violence effect both men and women. 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 4 men have been victims of physical violence by an intimate partner. Decandance Production put on the Boo Bash to raise money for the Abuse & Rape Criss Shelter. Check out this the interview to learn more about Decandance […]

Children’s Hospital partnered with Hirsch Recreation Center to make sure the new center would be the perfect fit for the community. While the location is still in the heart of Avondale on reading road, it has been remodeled, has new programs and will feature a walking trail. Check out this interview to learn what you […]