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LeBron James is a man of his word. He said he would never leave his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Well, he left but he came back! He said that he would win a ring for Cleveland and he did that! He also followed through with taking a few thousand children and their families on a […]

Its been almost 4months since the passing of the artist formerly known as Prince. Here’s a few rare performances from the Artist just because its Hump Day! Thank me later… Rest in Heavenly Peace Prince! Your Thoughts? Jade West “Always On a Musical Quest” On-Air Personality/Producer/Public Affairs Host of “Community Conversations” Sunday’s 7-8am On-Air Sunday’s […]

Remember when the riots occurred in Baltimore last year after the death of Freddie Gray? During the protests a news camera captured a mother beating her son, as he attempted to join friends and potentially cause destruction. Everyone applauded her efforts and she was soon seen back in the news to share her story. Her […]

We see panhandlers all the time. We’ve passed by the cute little kids in their uniforms selling pizza coupons, candy, and or cookies as part of their fundraising events. What would you do if you crossed path’s with a 7yr old boy as he stood outside a CVS trying to sell you his personal toy […]

Our 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama recently turned 55. We know he’s a music aficionado! An array of artist including Stevie Wonder, Usher, Demi Lovato, Janelle Monae, Beyonce, Cyndi Lauper and Queen Latifah had the privilege of performing in front of our commander-in-chief. Watch as comedian, Aries Spears gush about how cool our […]

Everyone’s been calling the radio station asking questions about the largest black community festival and just when is it… Well, the Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion happens next weekend. The date usually falls on the 3rd weekend in August and this year is no different. “The Family: Strong & United” is the theme this year and […]

We’ve heard these stories far too often! Yet one things for sure, these kidnappers are bold as ever. There were two children whom were nearly snatched right out of their parents arms. Not only that, both instances occurring in broad daylight! CPS and Boone County school are back in session Wednesday, please talk to your […]

The Seattle rapper known for what became everybody and their mama’s favorite jam turns 53yrs old today. Sir Mix A Lot dropped “Baby Got Back” in 1998. The song was way before its time… Till this day seems everyone has an infatuation with booty’s. See below and find out why. Your Thoughts? Jade West “Always […]

The rumble in the jungle has begun… The lights to Paul Brown Stadium were lit during rush hour! Everyone crossing over the infamous Suspension Bridge could catch a glimpse at what is soon to be a battle field. Although it is still baseball season many have been yearning for this moment. The Bengals will take […]

Ladies love ol’ blue eyes! He is all kinds of fine. The dapper, actor known as Michael Ealy has just turned 43.  He along with Tina Knowles, Megan Good and Boris Kodjoe join forces in a brand new campaign. According to Essence.com the public service announcement is said to have been created as an attempt to end […]

When a toddler makes up his mind, that’s it! You have to respect their decision or there will be h*ll to pay! One mother found out the hard way that her toddler Noah wanted no part of a local news “Car Seat” segment. Well, he tried to warn them and here’s what happened. See below. […]

Why can’t people love who they want to love! Oh, and why can’t people mind their own business? What did Michael Jackson say “Its human nature!” Take a look at the gallery below and see who put their love on public display and the poor things were left to be damned… Your Thoughts? Jade West […]