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Give it up for the fall season! The transitional chill sends the universal bat signal to upgrade your skincare routine, embark on holiday preparations, and switch up your wardrobe aesthetic. Not to mention, finalizing the fall hair trends you’ll debut throughout the season is top priority.

Keep in mind while the fall season is the perfect time to switch things up on the hair front, it’s important to not transition in vain. After all, cooler temps are notorious for stripping hair of moisture, which can lead to damage. So, it’s vital to lock down fall hair trends that allow you to showcase style while keeping hair health in mind.

To navigate the world of fall hair trends properly, I took some time to chat with celebrity hairstylist extraordinaire and salon owner Ursula Stephen. If you know the hair world well, you know that Ursula is a fan-favorite for good reason.

The newly-minted Carol’s Daughter celebrity brand ambassador has an impressive roster of clients that include Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington, Laverne Cox, Naomie Harris, Zendaya, and more. Not to mention, Ursula is the brains behind some of Rihanna’s iconic mane moments — including RiRi’s 2012 bold pixie cut. In other words, Ursie is among the créme de la créme of the hairstyling world.

As of late, Ursie has continued to put her magical hands to work crafting a gorgeous textured bubble ponytail for Yara Shahidi and sexy bedhead hair for Chelsea Handler. So, it’s only right that I got the scoop on the go-to fall hair trends of 2023.

If you’re ready to shake things up on the hair front and earn countless compliments, we’ve got you covered. From the combination mullet and shag to Fran Drescher-inspired bouncy, voluminous strands, here are five fall hair trends — courtesy of Ursula Stephen — you may want to add to your fall lookbook immediately.

Happy Styling, beauties!

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1. Barbie Ponytail/ High Ponytail

Source:Courtesy of Love Roots

Thanks to the resurgence of Barbie fever, courtesy of the box office hit, the Barbie ponytail has never been more in demand. So, it is no surprise that the Barbie ponytail has topped Ursie’s list of fall hair trends.

“It’s the opposite of sleek with lots of body and bounce with flippy ends,” Ursula told HelloBeautiful. “This is a great look for the holiday season. Heated rollers and holding spray is a great way to maintain this look.”

2. Berry Red to Copper Hair Color

Source:Courtesy of Ursula Stephen

As autumn foliage spreads, many folks are following suit in the hairstyling department. And, of course, one of the go-to hair colors that Ursula is fond of is none other than red hair color — from berry reds to versatile copper shades.

“These hues are great for the fall. The best way to maintain this hair is by keeping it conditioned and moisturized,” the celebrity hairstylist said. “I would recommend the Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Cocoon Hydrating Mask ($13.69, to maintain this. The creamy texture wraps around the hair to lock in moisture, rebuild, restore, and protect.”

3. The Mullet + Shag Combination

Source:Courtesy of Ursula Stephen

Who doesn’t love retro hair vibes? A wise person once said everything old is new again, and the mullet and shag combination with 60s flair is the true epitome of the phrase. Ursie brought the gorgeous trend to life on actress Jodie Turner-Smith, and it’s easy to see why it’s a staple for the fall season.

“This is great for the fall as it works well under a hat or beanie. Maintenance is easy,” Ursula told HelloBeautiful. “All you need is a great pomade or styling cream, fingerstyle, and GO!”

4. Short Bangs

Source:Courtesy of Claudia Lake Makeup

Nothing says impractical like bangs in hot weather. Between your fringe sticking to your forehead and simply falling flat, it’s a beauty faux pas. Thankfully, autumn ushers in cool temps that allow your bangs to be the focal point of your look while framing your face. However, Ursie believes that short bangs are the perfect way to up the ante with your fall hair looks.

“This is another great style for fall as it works well under a hat. The best way to maintain this look is by flat ironing when necessary,” the Carol’s Daughter brand ambassador said. “Wrapping the hair at night and covering it with a silk scarf. Please do not flat iron these bangs every day. They don’t need to be perfect! Using the Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Divine Strength Leave-In Milk ($13.69, is a great product to help maintain the health of your hair while rocking this look. It protects the hair against heat up to 450 degrees. It also prevents split ends and leaves the hair moisturized.”

5. Big Sexy Hair

Source:Courtesy of By Gia Heron

Last but certainly not least, it’s time for the big-hair lovers to have their moment! Little to no heat use is ideal for your mane, so it’s vital to opt for a style that allows you to put the heat-styling tools on ice, and Ursie is aligned. 

“Think Fran Drescher. Hair that moves, bounces, and has volume. This is great for fall as it doesn’t require much heat,” Ursula said. “This is easily maintained and achieved with a roller set and a light hairspray. I really love the Living Proof Flexible Spray ($18+, for holding this look in place.”