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Comcast Announces Bundle Offering AppleTV+, Peacock & Netflix

Source: Jeff Fusco / Getty / Comcast

We didn’t ask for it, but another cable-like streaming bundle is coming.

Comcast chief Brian Roberts announced a new three-way bundle featuring PeacockNetflix, and Apple TV+ is coming at a reduced price.

Speaking Tuesday at MoffettNathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet, and Communications Conference in New York, Roberts said the new package will be called the StreamSaver bundle and will be available to all Comcast broadband and TV customers.

Without revealing many details, Roberts said that Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+ will “come at a vastly reduced price to anything in the market today.”

According to Roberts, the goal of this new bundle is to “add value to consumers” and, at the same time, “take some of the dollars out of” the other streaming companies’ businesses.

“We’ve been bundling video successfully and creatively for 60 years, and so this is the latest iteration of that,” Roberts said. “I think this will be a pretty compelling package.”

Social Media Says The Bundle Is Basically Cable TV

The new bundle’s reception isn’t met with the excitement Roberts hoped for. Most users on X, formerly Twitter, are basically saying this is just cable television, which many have cut their cord for, replacing it with streaming platforms.

“let me just go ahead and get a landline too,” one person on X wrote in response to the announcment.

Another user wrote, “Cable is back baby! (Without the same residuals for actors though).

One user pointed out this move could be out of desperation because the streamers are not making as much money as they used to.

“They are all folding. Individually, each business model cannot sustain itself. When you see mergers like this happen, it’s because they are hemorrhaging money. They merge not to become a superpower but to save each other,” the post on X read. 


You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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