Ohio has issued a curfew until January 2nd, 2021… VIA FOX19 Ohioans are advised not to leave their homes during the curfew’s proscribed hours, 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., unless they are working or engaged in an essential activity. “We believe the curfew, along with mask-wearing, have had an impact, and the next 21 days […]

Cincinnati let us pray for this second Fire Fighter who has been affected bwith the Coronavirus. VIa Fox19 The first confirmed case in the department came Saturday. Alter says both individuals are doing well and are recovering. He adds they could return to duty “within the next week or so.” The firehouses where the individuals […]

Students across the country are expected to walk out of their classrooms today to show their support for the Second Amendment. The national event, called “Stand for the Second,” encourages students who are against gun control to walk out of school for 16 minutes. The event was created by a high school student in New […]

Is this getting crazy or what? It’s not enough that the news is reporting on Ebola every 5 minutes, now there are stores online selling hazmat suits…? FOR FULL STORY CLICK HERE

If you weren’t already scared enough that there’s one confirmed case of Ebola right here in the US of A, Dallas County to be exact, a second person is now under close watch after having close contact with the 1st victim. READ FULL STORY HERE