Proud Cincinnati native Gary Owen celebrates his 49th birthday today! Keep scrolling to see some of his funniest clips!

It appears comedian Gary Owen feels empowered to speak for Black people and a lot of folks aren't too happy about it.

  12/28/16- Comedian Gary Owen is ready for 2017 but not before he has a conversation with the Grim Reaper. Find out who the funny man says he wants gone before the new year.  

  12/14/16- Missed the finale of Comedian Gary Owen’s BET show? The funny man recaps the last episode and reveals a little known Owen family fact. Listen above.  

12/7/16- Why does Gary owe his wife Kenya a second wedding? Probably because of the fight and the missing Pastor at the first one. Hear all about how he plans to make it up when you click the link above.    

11/23/16- Did Comedian Gary Owen just get checked by his wife? You have got to hear what happens live!  

  11/9/16- Comedian Gary Owen is rather somber and he’s adamant about not talking abut the 45th President of the United States. Click the link above to hear the funny man talk about everything but Donald Trump.

  11/2/16- Why is comedian Gary Owen so angry? Is our interview with President Obama to blame? You have got to hear his reasoning!

10/5/16- Comedian Gary Owen is throwing it back to the time he participated in the ’94 Presidential Inauguration and had his first HBCU experience! Listen above!

8/17/16- Find out why the comedian says Canada’s black diver kept  him up all night and listen to his take on how you know if your marriage is in trouble.

The Cincinnati Police Department called out by the Hamilton County Sheriff Department for the Running Man Challenge and they called some of their famous friends Gary Owen, the Bengals, Reds and FC Cincinnati players to name a few. So who did they call out….. the Hamilton County Sheriff Department tossed the challenged up north to […]

  3/23/16- Would Gary Owen forgive his wife if a sex tape leaked and they won more than $100M? We pretty much know his answer…