Antonio Brown is opening up about what happened to him on the field the other day. He said he was forced to play on an injured ankle. via: Uproxx On Sunday, one of the strangest sagas in the NFL in some time played out on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sideline in the third quarter of what […]

HOUSTON (RNN) – A man who opened fire at drivers near a shopping center Monday was killed in a confrontation with responding officers, the police chief said. Police Chief Martha Montalvo said nine people were injured in the attack. Six were hospitalized with gunshot wounds, including one in critical condition and another in serious condition, and three […]

Situations like this one may be eye openers, and entertainment for us but the question is it any of this really any of our business? Ray’s wife Janay doesn’t think so. She took to instagram to let us know exactly how she felt about her, and her family’s’ business being put all out in the open.

Isaiah Austin was a 7’1” center for Baylor’s basketball team who’d scored and blocked enough shots to potentially earn a 1st round draft pick for…