Teyana Taylor recently spoke about her role in the film, “A Thousand and One,” about a young mother who spent years and jail and, upon her release, plans to kidnap her son from the foster care system. In the film set in 1994, Teyana pays the mother of “Terry,” and the story unfolds from when […]

Cincinnati: Man Shot In Inside His House In Avondale

A man was shot inside the McDonald’s in Walnut Hills. Via: Fox19 located at Victory Parkway and East McMillan Avenue sometime Wednesday evening. The shooting resulted from an altercation between two individuals in the restaurant. The victim, a customer in his 30s, was shot in the face.  

A car pulled from the Ohio River had remains inside. The Car is registered to a Brookville man who has been missing since 2006, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office said. This is so sad, I hate to hear news like this… Let us pray for his family that was affected by this tragedy. (FOX19)  

Beyoncé got a rare rejection. She and Jay-Z requested special access to film a music video inside Rome’s Colosseum. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage said nope. Too late. Italian scientist Alberto Angela had The Colosseum booked on those dates. Their One The Run II Tour passed through Rome two weeks ago. They got the idea to go inside the ancient landmark and […]