The teenager who opened fire on his students at a local school has been sentenced to juvenile detention for six years. The Enquirer reports that James “Austin” Hancock will be in a juvenile detention facility, until he is 21 years-old, and may face adult jail time should he cause problems while in custody. Hancock was […]

Work is underway in a Butler County community to prevent another school shooting. Madison Local Schools officials and parents met, Wednesday night, to discuss upgrading security at Madison Jr./Sr. High School. Some of the recommendations include metal detectors at the doors, and an anonymous tip line to report threats. Herbie Hancock Pens Open Letter to […]

A Wyoming High School student was arrested, Tuesday, after making threats to another student. Wyoming Police were called to the high school, after school administrators were informed that the male freshman student made a violent threat to another student. The student has been charged with aggravated menacing, and is currently suspended. Local schools are on […]

Butler County police have released details of the school shooting that happened in Middletown, Monday. Sheriff Richard Jones says James Austin Hancock is charged with multiple counts, after walking into Madison High school and shooting two people. No deaths were reported. The two people, shot, were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. […]