A lone juror held out causing a mistrial in the case of the murder of Walter Scott.  Michael Slager, who pulled over Walter Scott in North Charleston,  ended up shooting him as a bystander recorded the incident on video. Dashcam footage was also made public of the moments before the murder. Watch both videos and […]

Scott's shooting marked a defining moment in furthering the national discussion of deadly force used by law enforcement against Black men and women.

    12/05/16 – Roland Martin and Meg Kinnard, Associated Press political/legal affairs reporter, provide updates on the Slager and Roof trials which are both currently happening in South Carolina. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. (Photo: Meg Kinnard Twitter Profile)

Michael Slager testified in his own defense on Tuesday, getting grilled by prosecutors in the high-profile murder trial in the death of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who was shot five times.

After being called the n-word, Coleman had every right to feel the way he did and to speak on it however he pleased.

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The father of Jordan Davis, the unarmed teen who was gunned down by Michael Dunn in 2012 over loud music, has advice for the family of South Carolina…

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By now we’ve heard lawyers, activists, analysts, journalists, and a list of lay people say it over and over —  the video in the Walter…

WARNING:GRAPHIC VIDEO CONTENT, PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED (source:live5news.com) A South Carolina police officer has been charged with murder, after a video surfaced of him shooting a middle-aged black man. Charleston County Sheriffs arrested 33 year-old officer Michael Slager for shooting and killing 50 year-old Walter Scott, during a traffic stop. The footage of the video shows […]