Beyoncé Drops Surprise Song “My House” In Tandem With ‘Renaissance’ Film Premiere At midnight on Friday, the 32-time Grammy winner and mistress of surprise released “My House.” Beyoncé and The Dream co-produced and co-wrote the bouncy track, which debuted the same night as Renaissance: A Film. Audience footage showed it playing over the credits. Listen […]

André 3000 On His Surprise Flute Album: ‘It’s Pure Excitement – Like A Child Seeing Bubbles For The First Time’ André 3000 announced this week that he would release a flute album with no lyrics, and fans are intrigued. John Coltrane started André 3000’s jazz journey. His initial instrument was the saxophone, but he switched […]

Eminem shocked everybody last night at the Oscars… Did you see the look on people’s faces? The unexpected performance was certainly full of life and energy, but social media immediately lost themselves trying to figure out why he was there. Why couldn’t he have just waited two more years so it could be the 20th […]

Jay-Z & Beyonce surprised Reese Witherspoon with a bottle of Champagne   via Page Six: “I just got home from New York, and the most beautiful flowers are here and a case of Ace of Spades champagne,” said the star, 43, on her Instagram story. The included note simply read “More water — Jay and Bey.” […]

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly was supposed to be released March 23. So, when I found out that it was unleashed…