We’re learning a little more about Ian David Long, the 28-year-old gunman in Wednesday night’s mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, including disturbing news that he was posting messages on Instagram as he killed a dozen people. Investigators are looking at revenge as a possible motive. Former high school classmates say Long was often bullied in […]

A crook in Ohio provided cops with his picture — by voluntarily handing his license to a teller at the bank he was robbing. David Menser managed to knock off four Columbus-area banks before he got a little too greedy at his final stop — where he told the cashier that he needed more cash […]

I guess this is how the rich stay rich right…? No I’m sorry people but Floyd Mayweather is the epitome of “No-Class”. How do you do you throw away $23,000 on wings and liquor and fail to leave $1 for the waitress who’s been serving you…? Don’t worry I’ll wait….. To See The Receipt With […]

Philly Eagles player LeSean McCoy left a Philly waiter a total of 20 cents on his $60+ bill the other day. The waiter then proceeded to expose the player by posting a piture of the bill online.  Well in comes Charlie Sheen who saw the bill online and offered to send the waiter $1000 to […]

When an anonymous woman overheard three waitresses discussing their money issues with college amongst their dreams and future plans she chose to bless them with $15k. THAT’S $5k A PIECE! VIA USA TODAY Waitresses Amay Sabani, 25, Sarah Seckinger, 23 and Amber Kariolich, 28, were working Saturday morning, organizing silverware and talking about student loans, bills […]