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Jason Weaver Blasts Internet Over Lil Boosie Foolishness

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Lil Boosie is free and most of the Internet gave him a warm welcome back to regular society. While we’re still confused as to why, after all the greatest songs we know of his are: “Independent” and “Wipe Me Down” (we just may be out of the loop). Not to mention, he went to jail on drug charges after beating first degree murder charges and avoiding the death penalty.

Well Jason Weaver (“Smart Guy,” “ATL”) was kinda feeling the same way as us and took to Twitter to vent his frustrations on the people who were praising Boosie like he was the second coming to Jesus.

Ok so…. I see a lot ppl on IG posting stuff about Lil Boosie gettin out of prison, talmbout “Welcome Home” “Boosie Back” and all kinds of other coon shit. Listen man, no disrespect to Boosie or anyone else for that matter who has ever been incarcerated, but the problem I have with the IG posts regarding him gettin out is it’s being displayed like it’s some kind of thing to celebrate. I’m sorry man, but why can’t we celebrate young black men who have stayed OUT of prison? I’m not judging Boosie or any other individual who may have faced similar circumstances. It would sure be cool though if we posted more pics of our young brothas receiving high school diplomas, college degrees, and cool shit like that instead of a playa gettin out of prison mane. I’m about celebrating milestones in young black men’s lives that we can REALLY be proud of! Like for real… C’mon son!! Sorry for the rant, but I just had to say it.#KanyeShrug

To further add to the foolery, Boosie posted this video on his Instagram account of his young daughter and we’re like, really?

What do you all think about Boosie’s return?

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