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Who are the Illuminati?

Depends on who you ask. Some say they are Freemasons. You might hear they’re part of a satanic cult. Others say they are a group of elite people who control the world behind the scenes. You’ll even hear that they are rich Jews. The most crazy? The Illuminati is a group of reptilian shape-shifters apart of the 13 bloodlines.

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In the music industry, thousands of people believe that in order to get a record deal and gain fame–you must “sell your soul” and join the Illuminati.

It may be true, so I did some research to see if I could crack the code. And I came to the conclusion that yes–the Illuminati does exist. However, your favorite celebrity is not a member–and never will be. The only thing they could do for the Illuminati is to use their influence to carry out their agenda. That is all.

The Illuminati’s Alleged Agenda

  • New world order with one government
  • Mind control
  • Depopulation
  • Mass incarceration
  • Emasculating influential men in Hollywood


Symbology plays a big role in this Illuminati conspiracy theory, because we’ve all seen our favorite celebrities embrace them in photos and in videos (all-seeing eye, the Bophomet, the pentagon, 666 hand sign, upside down cross, etc.). The question is are they publicly displaying their affiliation to the Illuminati or is it a big coincidence? Below is a list of all the celebrities who’ve been spotted.

The OK hand gesture with 3 fingers up (said to represent the devil’s 666 hand sign)

  1. George Bush Jr and Sr (former U.S. Presidents)
  2. Barack Obama (former U.S. President)
  3. Bill Clinton (former U.S. President)
  4. Donald Trump (current U.S. President)
  5. Michael Douglas (actor)
  6. Tyra Banks (model)
  7. Shia Lebouf (actor)
  8. Eddie Murphy (actor)
  9. Kevin Spacey (actor)
  10. Denzel Washington (actor)
  11. Oprah Winfrey (mogul)
  12. 50 Cent (rapper and mogul)
  13. Christina Aguilera (singer)
  14. Birdman (mogul)
  15. Lil Wayne (rapper)
  16. Beyonce (singer)
  17. Justin Bieber (singer)
  18. Drake (rapper)
  19. Fergie (singer)
  20. Lupe Fiasco (rapper)
  21. Flo Rida (rapper)
  22. Michael Jackson (singer)
  23. Jay-Z (mogul)
  24. Jazmine Sullivan (singer)
  25. Kid Cudi (rapper)
  26. Madonna (singer)
  27. Mia (singer)
  28. Ne-yo (singer)
  29. Daniel Radcliffe (actor)
  30. L.A. Reid (mogul)
  31. Gwen Stefani (singer)
  32. Justin Timberlake (singer)
  33. T-Pain (rapper)
  34. Pharrell Williams (producer)
  35. Bruce Jenner (TV star)
  36. Rick Ross (rapper)
  37. Rihanna (singer)
  38. ASAP Rocky (rapper)
  39. And so many more it would take forever to keep on listing

Upside down cross. The upside down cross is supposedly a sign of disrespect to the cross that Jesus died on.

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Celebrities who have admitted or acknowledged that the Illuminati exists?

  • Professor Griff (of Public Enemy)
  • 2Pac
  • Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)
  • Jim Carrey
  • Katt Williams
  • KRS-One
  • Meek Mill’s song Fender UpIlluminati wanted my mind, soul, and body. They ask me would I trade it for all for a Maserati


The word Illuminati is extremely popular, regardless of how it’s known to be a secret society.

As for you –do you believe that Illuminati exists or is it just an urban legend fueled by rumors, music, and the media?

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

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