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British writer, blogger and speaker @TheSlumFlower used to want a boob job more than anything.

But one day while bra shopping, her goal went from making enough money to change herself for others, to changing how the world views women’s bodies forever.

XONecole reports:

Chidera Eggerue, also known as The Slumflower, is pushing the agenda of self-love even more forward by embracing and loving her own body just as it is. Chidera is a 23-year-old award-winning British blogger whose focus is on uplifting women, challenging them to love themselves so unapologetically that it becomes the norm. It was the driving force behind the creation of the campaign aptly titled Saggy Boobs Matter.


Read more about her journey, in her own words, below:

“For the women who look like me: Your saggy boobs matter. And from now until you die, what’s going to matter, ultimately, is your character. Sometimes people are scared of what they haven’t been taught to accept. We still have to exist loudly, though.”

“I’ve had breastfeeding mothers message me telling me that this movement has helped them in their postpartum journey, and that, for me, is so important because the people who are being hateful towards this movement have conveniently forgotten that a large majority of them were breastfed on saggy boobs.”

“Through creating #SaggyBoobsMatter, I have been able to help women articulate their own body image hang ups – especially slim women who don’t really know where they stand in the body positivity movement. Saggy boobs are underrepresented. Being underrepresented makes you feel alien to society. This fosters insecurities in people who don’t have the mental strength to see value in themselves beyond other people’s standards.”

“A lack of representation of saggy-looking boobs when I used to go bra shopping in M&S; [as a young teenager] made me realise that something is wrong with the way the world views women’s bodies.”

Clickthrough to see the support #SaggyBoobsMatter has gotten on social media.

Viral Idol: Meet The Social Star Who Got #SaggyBoobsMatter Trending  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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